I felt very welcomed, and was helped immediately even though I was at least 35 minutes late because I got lost. Both the Specialist and the Secretary are always very friendly, and I got a Birthday present, also I feel good whenever I go for a visit, hopefully I will not get lost again. Thank you. I appreciate the help very very much.
Esther Ivascu, on Google
I went for a review of my hearing and the Starky hearing aids that I now have. Mr Mantooth was very kind and performed a hearing test and adjusted my hearing aids as well as cleaned them. He was so very nice and we agreed to keep a check on my hearing and hearing aids. His Receptionist made me a return appt for 4 months. They both were super nice, and I will definitely continue to use this office for any issues I might have with my hearing or my hearing aids.
Mary Garrison, on Google
I was very pleased with my visit. The test seemed to have been very throughly performed. I was happy with Eddie’s professionalism. I feel very good about my visit.
Wanda Bailey, on Google
I had a very good experience with the gentleman that did my hearing test,he was very good explaining things to me. Great people.
Rosa Taylor, on Google
I have been a customer for over 5 years. Eddie will never try to push you into a purchase you're not ready to make and will help you weigh your options of repair vs replacement of a hearing aid. He does not inflate the features of the newest models and will gladly .keep you current hearing aid functioning as long as you want. He instills trust in his customers.
Jim Baird, on Google

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